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Welcome to the Bunbukan

The Bunbukan is a place where we endeavour to balance both the physical and mental pursuits of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu (Classical Okinawan Karate) study. We focus extensively on the execution of defensive strategies against habitual acts of physical violence (HAPV) that have plagued individuals since the beginning of time. We use both modern and ancient pedagogical and scientific principles to develop the exceptional coping strategies and characteristics of our students.

There are a number of virtues in our students that we highly prize:

  • Courtesy, Respect, Humility, Effort, Focus, Patience, Perseverance & Courage

At the Bunbukan, you will find a safe, respectful, non-competitive place to learn and train.

Our curriculum consists of; reishiki (etiquette), junbi/seri undo (warm-up/cool-down), kihon waza (fundamental techniques), tegumi (two person flow drills), futari renzoku-geiko (continuous two-person partner drills), kata (solo forms responsible for the transmission of the ancient knowledge) and their subsequent defensive application principles against habitual acts of physical violence.

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